the Art of Shipbuilding

ScheepsbouwKunst is a Dutch company for maritime product development.
We want to contribute to healthy shipping and shipbuilding with new products.

Creative solutions and a versatile approach are the result of authentic thinking
and practical considerations.
Products based on innovative concepts are for example the Kenau and
Glasshopper. Other, perhaps even more exciting concepts lie on the shelf
waiting for further development. See for example the sailboat Albatros, or is it an

We have a clear vision to work at our mission: know who & know how for
healthy shipping and shipbuilding. As market leaders in knowledge it is important
to share our knowledge. One example is the RhinoCentre initiative which is a
centre of excellence and sales for the Rhinoceros 3d modeler.
The Kenau project is a masterpiece of product development combining every
aspect of innovation in practice.
This product offers a unique design and excellent performance.

This is what ScheepsbouwKunst
 The company was founded in 2001
   by Gerard Petersen.

   Educated as Naval Architect he
   worked for several companies as
   product developer and designer.
   His ambition to create meaningful
   products resulted in

According to his vision new
 products have to be more than
   technological and trendy
   achievements and should be
   effective and healthy for future
   generations living on earth.